11 oktober 2022

PacingCure receives €2.5 Million funding from European Innovation Council

AMC Ventures portfolio company PacingCure has received a prestigious EIC Transition grant of 2.5 million euros. PacingCure and will use this funding to further develop biological pacemakers in collaboration with the department of Medical Biology of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.

Biological pacemakers

PacingCure develops platform gene transfer technologies for the heart and uses these technologies to engineer novel gene therapies for patients that suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. PacingCure focuses on indications that are untreatable by conventional therapies such as the implantation of an electronic pacemaker, thus providing lifesaving therapies for patients with high unmet medical needs. The selected indications have attractive translational aspects for developing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) for patients that need them the most.

EIC Transition grant

The three founders, Gerard Boink, Osne Kirzner, Hanno Tan, and their co-applicant Prof. Vincent Christoffels (Amsterdam UMC), were awarded the prestigious Transition grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) for their achievements and planned activities to further develop their gene therapy for indications with a high unmet medical need. The awarded EIC project will fund a comprehensive package of final stage pre-clinical development, align with regulatory authorities and develop an investor-ready business proposition.

About the founders

Gerard Boink is a cardiologist, leading a translational research group that is embedded in the Departments of Cardiology and Medical Biology. Dr. Boink also serves as the CEO of PacingCure. Hanno Tan is a cardiologist, and Principal Investigator at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology who leads various European consortia that study the causes and develop treatments for sudden cardiac arrest. Dr. Tan serves as the CMO of PacingCure. Osne Kirzner is an anesthesiologist with experience in finance & law. This combined expertise allows him to bridge the gap between the target clinical indications and business needs, thereby facilitating valorization objectives. Osne serves as the CFO of PacingCure.

About PacingCure

PacingCure was founded in 2016. Previously, PacingCure received funding from Health Holland, the Innovatiefonds Noord Holland, the Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Organisatie (NWO), and the European Commission. AMC Ventures is the majority shareholder in PacingCure.

About AMC Ventures Holding

AMC Ventures Holding is an early-stage investor in academic spin-off companies from the Academic Medical Center (AMC). AMC Ventures Holding works closely with academics and entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of company formation to support the commercialization of knowledge. For more information please visit: https://www.amcventuresholding.nl/