Hi there! 👋 We are Eddytec and we are working on sensing solutions for carbon fibre composites. Cracks and imperfections can make these materials less strong that reduces their lifetime. We are developing a fast, reliable, and affordable technique for defect detection. Its main benefit is that it can improve manufacturing and extend the lifetime of materials. With that we strive to contribute to efficient use of our resources. ♻️
Eddytec is a spin out from the UvA and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Rudolf Sprik (UvA) and dr. Christiaan Schoemaker (HvA) are the two of the three co-founders of Eddytec. They have first shown a working proof-of-concept in 2018. Since then the development has been further supported by the Demonstrator Lab AmsterdamIXA – Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, and NWO (Dutch Research Council). In 2022, dr. Alina Chanaewa joined the founding team to bring this valuable technology to the market. Former Chief Technology Officer at Skytree, she brings product development experience to Eddytec. With the pre-seed funding from UvA AMC HvA Ventures Holding BV, the company was recently incorporated.

🤝 / 🤙 Please reach out if you want to learn more about our mission or to become involved yourself.