05 december 2023

Hipper Therapeutics bought all shares from investors HvA Ventures Holding and AMC Ventures Holding.

Hipper Therapeutics B.V. completed acquisition of all shares from investors HvA Ventures Holding and AMC Ventures Holding.  

Since 2020, the Hipper platform has grown into a mature digital platform for the support of professionals and patients in outpatient geriatric rehabilitation. The acquisition of all shares from HvA Ventures Holding and AMC Ventures Holding represents a significant milestone in Hipper Therapeutics’ journey, empowering the company to further revolutionize patient care. 

HvA and AMC Ventures Holding Director Rudi Rust: “Hipper Therapeutics’s journey has been impressive. The time spent with the management from day one was never a dull moment. We wish the management team all the best with their exciting mission.”

Hipper’s system improves patient outcomes and reduces stay in rehabilitation centres. The platform consists of a system that can measure physical activities of the older person remotely (i.e. in the home environment), a dashboard that visualizes this information and a protocol and training for the professionals. The Hipper platform empowers therapists because it gives objective information (24 hrs/day, 7 days/week) about the physical activity of their clients. Also, clients can log in to the platform and see their progress, which in many cases is a motivational factor. 

General Director Hipper Ben Kröse: “We developed the platform (protocol and technology) in a number of research projects, mainly funded by SIA/NWO. After the proof that Hipper is effective (in RCT study with AUMC), several rehabilitation centers expressed interest for further use. To make further sales and certification possible we started Hipper Therapeutics, with help of the HvA/AMC Venture holdings. They invested in the company thanks to which we were able to start smoothly.”

The platform is currently used in six geriatric rehabilitation  centres for rehabilitation after hip surgery and for elderly with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). An emerging application is the use of the Hipper platform for the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. 

The company has been set up by Margriet Pol from AUAS faculty of Health, Ben Kröse and Michel Oey from AUAS faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry, together with HvA Ventures Holding and AMC Ventures Holding. Since then, Matthijs Alderliefste has joint the team as commercial manager. The interconnection and collaboration with the knowledge institutions HvA and AMC will be undiminished strong. The researchers seconded to Hipper will continue working there, for a positive future of geriatric rehabilitation care. 

For more information, please contact Ben Kröse, b.krose@hippertx.nl, www.hippertx.nl