22 september 2022

Eddytec B.V receives seed investment from UvA and HvA Ventures Holding to develop innovative carbon fibre crack detection technology

Eddytec B.V. is a new spin-out from the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Their detection technology will help make better, cheaper carbon composites – think lighter planes and more efficient wind turbines.  

Eddytec’s ambition is to transform defect detection in carbon fibre composites making it fast, simple and affordable. The technology is using eddy currents to obtain information on the presence/absence of cracks and imperfections. Carbon fibre composites are high performance materials that are used in manufacturing of planes, cars, bikes, and medical equipment. The main benefit of Eddytec’s technology is that it can improve manufacturing and extend the lifetime of materials. With that it will contribute to efficient use of our resources.

Dr Rudolf Sprik (UvA) and dr Christiaan Schoemaker (HvA) are the two of the three co-founders of Eddytec. They have first shown a working proof-of-concept in 2018. Since then the development has been further supported by the Demonstrator Lab, IXA, and NWO. In 2022, dr Alina Chanaewa joined the founding team to bring this valuable technology to the market. Former Chief Technology Officer at Skytree, she brings product development experience to Eddytec.

Eddytec’s team is currently working on a minimal viable product that will be piloted with a customer next year.

For more information please go to the Eddytec website www.eddytec.eu or contact directly via connect@eddytec.eu.