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11 January 2021Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd has partnered with InCatT to launch a specialist Catalyst Screening Service for pharmaceutical, and fine chemical companies looking to optimize their reactions. The new service draws on InCatT’s extensive experience in screening homogeneous catalysts combined with Sinocompound’s expertise in custom synthesis, scale-up and manufacturing of advanced catalysts and ligands. By combining these unique capabilities under a single offering, customers benefit from an accelerated development process that will reduce their time to market.

Identifying the best catalyst system for a reaction can often be laborious, time-consuming and difficult to predict. However, high throughput screening (HTS) of homogeneous catalysts enables rapid and efficient identification of the best-performing catalyst, providing the customer with a robust, reproducible, and cost-efficient process.

Dr Carin Seechurn, technical advisor, Sinocompound, explained, “Many pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies are looking for specialist catalyst screening services to support their process development activities and help them progress to market more quickly. This service is a natural expansion of Sinocompound’s core expertise as a global provider of advanced homogeneous catalysts and ligands. Knowing a customer’s likely requirements earlier means we can rapidly develop the new catalysts they need or scale-up existing ones. Ultimately this streamlines the customer’s process development journey and removes unnecessary delays and bottlenecks.”

Dr Sander Kluwer, CEO, InCatT, commented, “At InCatT, we are specialized in rapid catalyst screening and optimization. Our equipment allows us to assess large numbers of catalysts in a very short time – up to 96 catalysts per day – and we have access to our own library of ligands that are easy to prepare via robotic synthesis routes. Next to catalyst finding, we are specialized in optimization by kinetic profiling and scale-up to 20 L. By partnering with Sinocompound, we can screen an extensive portfolio of catalysts, perform the optimization to relevant scales and be assured that further scale-up is available via our new partner. This, we envision, is an important asset for our customers to use to successfully manufacture their product.”

About Sinocompound

Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd. is a global provider of advanced homogeneous catalysts and ligands for a range of pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. The company’s proven process is built around cutting-edge technology, flexibility, and speed-of-response ensuring delivery at the scale required. Established partnerships across industry and academia enable the development of novel chemistry; helping customers accelerate their route to market.

Established in 2008 and with headquarters in Zhangjiagang, China, Sinocompound focuses on listening to customers and delivering the high-quality catalyst technology they require – including homo- and heterogeneous metal catalysts, ligands, high-purity electronic and custom synthesis service.

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About InCatT

InCatT B.V. is a company specialized in catalyst screening and catalyst development from initial catalyst-lead finding to process optimization. Over the years we have worked with different industries ranging from flavor & fragrance, bio-based industry, pharmaceutical and bulk chemical industry to solve their most challenging projects.

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